Beneath the lush Indonesian jungle lies a wealth of natural resources. PT Asmin Bara Bronang operates a series of coal mines at the heart of the Kalimantan district, located around 1,800 kilometres from the capital Jakarta. A thermal coal producer, the company offers exploration, mining and production services relating to the mining and processing of bituminous coal. It also operates a mine in Sekako, Central Kalimantan. ABB commissioned allmineral to design a semi-mobile coal-washing plant for its project site located around 70 kilometres further south-west on the island of Borneo, close to the village of Barunang in the Kapuas Tengah district.

More efficient processing of what was once a waste product: new sustainability concepts in coal processing

The selective extraction of coal seams leads to the accumulation of a coal/spoil mixture that was formerly thrown away by operators in Indonesia. Due to the surrounding non-coal layers, this material features a high ash content that used to mean it was defined as unsaleable. The subsequent disposal of this material took up a great deal of space and had a negative environmental impact. However, a new solution now promises to use the material to produce saleable coal. This semi-mobile coal-washing plant features a raw coal capacity of 125 tons per hour and can be relocated after three to four years. The allmineral service team was entrusted with the planning, delivery and commissioning of the entire plant, which has been earmarked for dismantling and reassembly in a different part of the mine site at the end of the production period.

System solutions for tropical climate and perfect service: the project takes shape

The allmineral team was faced with an array of challenging conditions on site. On the one hand, the coal-processing machines had to be equipped to cope with the intense heat. On the other, the heavy rainfall characteristic of the tropical climate softened up the roads and made it more awkward to travel through the lush landscape of Kalimantan. Though it proved difficult to transport the first set of machines to the site, our team bravely battled the downpours and successfully made the delivery. Once we had progressed to the mine, all the components of the new plant were equipped to withstand the local conditions – such as blistering temperatures. This semi-mobile plant is thus designed for a service life of 20 years or more.

Robust new coal-washing plant almost ready for handover in Barunang

The allmineral team is currently working flat-out to complete this system solution. Our service engineers will then hand over a new turnkey coal-washing plant capable of processing the targeted 125 tons of material every hour to produce high-quality coal. This coal will be dispatched from Kalimantan to all corners of the world.

A cutting-edge thickener takes in the entire discharge from the coal washing, with the slurry being treated using a high-performance dewatering plant to ensure that recovered water can be fed back into the process.

allmineral conducted online design and installation training courses for safe handling of the new system solution. Our project team members have already successfully led these training courses in numerous locations across the globe, enabling current and former project staff in Germany, India, China and now Indonesia to learn from our expert trainers.

As our long-term planning ensures the semi-mobile plant has an expected service life of at least 20 years, this concept is fully in keeping with our approach to sustainably designed system solutions that are adapted to suit the specific conditions on site. We build things to last: in pursuing this cost-conscious principle, we combine the sustainable design of machine system solutions with the economic interests of our customers. And with this project in Kalimantan, allmineral has once again affirmed its credentials as a leading player on the coal-processing market. We offer specialist knowledge, develop innovative ideas and successfully implement sustainable concepts for the future.

All-round success

An innovative outfit with the heart of a start-up, allmineral is renowned for its high-quality processing plants. Offering customised system solutions ranging from individual machines to the comprehensive production and design of processing plants, we have earned a reputation for our extensive customer service that provides everything from a single source.

This project in Central Kalimantan is a reference that has captivated the industry, as our units help make coal processing a success in both economic and ecological terms. The ecological benefit comes from the fact that a waste product can now be used to produce high-quality thermal coal ready for shipping worldwide.


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Manganese ore processing plant – an economic and ecological triumph

Boosting metal recovery while limiting the environmental impact: allmineral plants and machines are used for the purpose of metal recovery from slag. At 30 installations across the globe, non-magnetic or weakly magnetic metal content is extracted from ore smelting residues via density sorting procedures. Our manganese ore processing plant in Georgia has helped deliver sustained success for our customer, both economically and ecologically. With a recovery rate of up to 90% and a processing volume of 200 tons per hour, plant sustainability is a key priority.

High-quality thermal coal thanks to allmineral system solution in exotic South-East Asia

Indonesia is not only the fourth-most populous country on the planet, it has also overcome numerous difficulties and challenging geography to become the world’s most successful exporter of thermal coal. Between 2008 and 2013, production increased from 246 million tons to a remarkable 489 million tons. 90 per cent of this is used for heating private households and is exported to China, India and other Asian states.

Indonesia is also home to PT Suprabari Mapanindo Mineral, a successful producer of thermal coal. In Central Kalimantan, almost 1,800 kilometres away from Jakarta, 125 tons of coal are processed every hour to produce high-quality thermal coal using a sophisticated system solution from allmineral.

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