”A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” noted the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu. We take this step with you when planning your future plants and systems.

Planning and consulting, individual analysis, turnkey system solutions: with allmineral, you can enjoy a full-service package from a single source. Act now to realise the full potential of your plants and plan for tomorrow. Our planning and consulting service holds the key to success, both today and in the future.

Planning and consulting from a single source

We love it when a plan comes together – and we have one that is perfectly tailored to your needs. A carefully crafted process not only lays the foundations for optimum plant capacity, it also ensures consistent performance and reliability by reducing downtime and significantly increasing availability. The allmineral planning and consulting service provides the framework for making efficient use of your resources.

The right planning for your processing plant

Across the globe, we provide company consulting run by our experienced engineers, develop concepts and offer support during all project phases. Our portfolio includes:

  • Technical services
  • Feasibility studies
  • Tests and pilot projects
  • Procedure development
  • Inventory of existing plants
  • Upgrades
  • Device inspection
  • Long-term process consulting and analysis

Your new project kicks off with initial analyses of the site conditions performed as part of feasibility studies. Our process consulting team is with you all the way, guiding you through every phase of production planning and implementation. We determine various process options and alternatives relating to equipment and plant optimisation. Our specialists also create preliminary flow charts that provide a realistic assessment of your options. Cost estimates then form the basis for subsequent project planning and alternative process solutions. Our service portfolio additionally includes a preliminary cost-benefit analysis, an evaluation of the available options based on multiple ranking methods, and a report featuring further recommendations on cost-effective and efficient methods.

From individual components to system solutions: business consulting for projects and companies across the globe

In order to achieve peak performance, production plants must undergo continuous adjustment and optimisation. New individual components can also be added to upgrade existing plants. Indeed, a sustainable optimisation strategy that integrates existing machines is both economically prudent and environmentally friendly. Drawing on our wide-ranging industrial and technological expertise, we provide consulting on the implementation of highly diverse solutions covering everything from individual components to full-scale system solutions. We ensure that your projects can be realised on schedule and on budget – and our process and quality guarantee provides extra peace of mind.

Our research and test service offers clear, quick and scalable results. We apply the findings of comparative studies, calculations and tests to fundamentally improve understanding of the process. Our development and testing facilities at the allmineral sites work hand in hand with mobile testing units that are deployed on location. Research, process modelling, laboratory tests, pilot projects, comprehensive feasibility studies: our process specialists and design engineers offer an exhaustive portfolio to ensure sustainable development.

Individual analysis and consulting

Trust is good. Monitoring is better. And nowhere is that more apparent than in optimised production processes. Advanced analysis and process evaluation delivers improvements that help you maintain maximum production levels over the long term. After the planning phase, we are happy to provide further support upon request in the form of individual analysis of your current projects. You can enjoy maximum-efficiency production throughout the entire service life of your plants, as this reflects our approach to sustainability. Regular analysis and ongoing adjustments enable continuous improvement in terms of the quality, safety and availability of your plants.

Our consulting service includes performance-boosting upgrades, regular inspections and maintenance, inventories, and process evaluations. We also implement innovative technological solutions in existing structures at every stage up to the turnkey handover.

Sustainable solutions, continuous analysis and process optimisation, and a comprehensive fault consulting portfolio: allmineral provides all this from a single source. Just imagine what our international team of experienced consultants can do for you!

Enjoy the benefits of our experience

Our worldwide engineering service helps you tap into our comprehensive knowledge and service network. We stand ready to assist you with our technological expertise – no matter where you are. You can rely on us to upgrade the efficiency of existing plants and processes, provide planning and implementation consulting for new projects, and explore alternative options with our research and test service.

Planning and consulting, evaluation and analysis, maintenance and monitoring: we provide it all from a single source.

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