Installation and commissioning. Assistance during the initial project phases. Regular consulting, checks and knowledge transfer. With allmineral, you decide what level of production support you require. Our highly experienced and internationally successful team is here to help you get the very most out of your plant. 

Installation and commissioning: a successful start

Ready to get started with a new project? All over the world, allmineral process specialists are there to help with the installation and commissioning of units. Our customised training service improves handling safety, minimises the risk of downtime and enables a smooth start to production right on schedule. Invest in professional and secure commissioning today! We would also be delighted to discuss our extended warranty options with you. 

Assured performance: production monitoring from allmineral

Optimum machine utilisation, high production levels and continuous improvement all require specialist knowledge, time and skill. You can save yourself the effort thanks to our Operations Execution Services all-round service package for your plant, with experienced process experts handling the operation of individual units, defined processes or the entire plant so you can focus on your core business! Our service agreement includes a holistic plant solution individually tailored to your needs. Get ready to benefit from process optimisation, shared operational responsibility and access to our broad service network

Process training

Our process and operational training aims to increase knowledge, improve understanding of process reliability, familiarise employees with operating and interface units, and increase reliability and productivity through tailored training solutions. Experienced experts offer practical and theoretical training on site or in a suitable teaching environment.

Ramp-up Services: getting started with new plants

As soon as installation and commissioning are complete, our experts guide your team through the phases of initial setup. This helps you meet your performance, quality and availability goals as fast as possible – and benefit from quicker amortisation. New work procedures and best practices can be implemented at pace, with our team responding swiftly and competently to faults. With the metallurgical expertise and comprehensive process support provided by our service staff, you can quickly ramp your production performance up to the desired level.

Process evaluations: regular expert evaluation for improved results

Are you looking to improve your production capacity and available output? Our regular expert evaluations provide performance optimisation tips based on an analysis of the current maintenance and operating status. The plant and equipment data gathered for your machines is screened, examined and evaluated by the experts from allmineral. Findings are identified in evaluation reports, with additional information provided via the analysis of process deviations, alarm history and device runtime. At the end of the process, you receive an action plan featuring a wide range of proposed improvements. This expert analysis helps you continuously boost performance, efficiency, productivity and product quality. The analysis team discusses additional optimisation steps with you at subsequent meetings and is always ready to perform a fresh assessment at an interval of your choosing. 

Process consulting: pooled expert knowledge for optimum production

Our expert team guides you through the implementation of corrective measures with its specialist knowledge and technological expertise inspired by installations around the world.

The benefits of process consulting at a glance: 

  • Improved product quality 
  • Increased process throughput
  • Prompt identification of bottlenecks
  • Swift consulting for troubleshooting
  • Optimised process performance

Field service: our expert team helps customers across the globe

Need solutions for maintenance and optimisation projects? Looking for spare parts evaluations or consulting to boost your plant performance? Contact our proactive and professional field service team for: 

  • Increased safety
  • Reduced downtime
  • Greater plant availability and reliability
  • Longer machine service life
  • Enhancing your employees’ skills
  • Spare parts optimisation consulting 

Quick and reliable troubleshooting

Time is money. Our troubleshooting team is able to quickly identify and rectify operational faults, with remote fault detection helping you return to full production as swiftly as possible. We respond individually to process performance problems, improve operational decision-making and work to prevent performance-related issues from recurring. How does this all come together? The secure data collection solution in your plant supplies data to the experts and provides the basis for problem solving. We even offer the allmineral Connected Troubleshooting Service on request, which sees our expert team perform remote data analysis to ensure uninterrupted production. This makes it possible to quickly identify fault causes, solve process- and device-related issues, and provide troubleshooting guidance. 

Spare parts recommendations: the right components for any problem

Our spare parts recommendations provide the information you need to make spare parts purchasing decisions in line with your budget and maintenance planning. We are happy to answer any questions you may have on item categories, criticality and allmineral item coding. This precise coding simplifies spare parts management as it enables you to generate suitable estimates for the purchase of spare parts, display the number of installed parts and their structure, and determine the service life and average annual consumption down to the level of individual items.

Boost performance and productivity: we get the most out of your plants!

Use our specialist knowledge of technology and industry as a springboard to success, achieving better results and full utilisation of available resources. From troubleshooting, spare parts recommendations and maintenance through to operations, training and the commissioning of new machines, our services are key to developing tailored solutions. By working together, we can quickly and reliably meet your production goals. 

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