allmineral works day in, day out to minimise the waste of raw materials, conserve natural resources and make our plants even more cost-effective for the benefit of customers. This guiding principle is in our company’s DNA and has inspired us to focus on dry processing solutions so as to conserve natural raw materials both now and in the future.

  • Patented pulsation procedure emulates the physical properties of a wet processing plant
  • Environmentally friendly solution avoids the use of water
  • Dry processing generates zero dust emissions
  • Comprehensive service and consulting for sustainable processing with complete recycling of raw materials


Dry processing at a glance

In this type of processing, the natural raw material is fed into the machine and cleaned by a flow of air. This air is subsequently allowed to escape, while the processed material exits the machine after automatically being separated into heavy feed and light feed. 

Unlike with wet processing, air jigging technology features zero losses resulting from product moisture. And thanks to the integrated flue suction featured in our cutting-edge air jigs, particle emissions are all but eliminated. A processing plant can often be installed in a matter of days, for example when using our versatile allair mobile® machine. 

More about allair®

This jig works according to the dry processing principle and sets high standards in terms of environmental protection.

  • allair® promotes economical solutions with minimal costs
  • Enables the maximum possible processing of boundary layers, meaning that existing deposits can be used for longer
  • This plant type ensures optimum processing for further use – even of coal that previously could not be recycled
  • allair® can help increase profits through better use of coal reserves

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Focus on ecology: for a sustainable future

The future of our processing technology is founded on sustainability, water-saving solutions, and innovations that revolutionise existing approaches. We work to develop this technology at our Global Testing & Research Center: the processing of sand, gravel, coal and ore, as well as the booming field of recycling, all depend on forward-thinking developments that blend ecological activity with economic success. Having set their sights squarely on creating an ecological economy, our highly specialised engineers are making great strides towards the future of processing.

The Global Testing & Research Center: shaping the future of processing technology

Keeping our eye on the future and our finger on the pulse, our Global Testing & Research Center is where we generate the processing solutions of tomorrow. We strive to achieve the perfect balance between efficiency and sustainability in our processing plants, conserve vital resources and ensure complete processing of raw materials. And we dedicate intensive research to meeting these goals every single day at our Center.