The unique allflot® machine increases both the yield and quality of minerals. It features an innovative new ventilation concept crafted by our engineers and offers the maximum possible flexibility in terms of the volumetric throughput rate.

  • Highly efficient and flexible use of flotation technology for high-quality mineral enrichment
  • Energy-efficient, space-saving solution
  • Adjustable air bubble size and volume for improved product purity and increased mineral yield
  • Long-lasting investment thanks to ceramic nozzles with a service life of over 10,000 hours for mineral enrichment and over 40,000 hours for coal processing

Sustainable processing with allflot®

The revolutionary technology of the allflot® processing plant enables the sustainable processing of minerals. As allflot® does not feature any rotating machine components, it offers significant savings compared with conventional plants: its energy costs are 30% lower than those of a processing plant featuring mechanical agitator flotation.

allflot® uses direct current and combines the principles of upflow and flotation. Working in combination with the unique channel discharge system, it additionally supports the efficient processing of coarser mineral particles. The innovative foam channel discharge system ensures that coarse particles are floated out. We deploy the channel discharge system wherever high foam yields are expected. In the context of low foam yields, such as those witnessed in various fields of ore flotation, a centric displacement cone serves to increase the foam thickness and thus enables maximum selectivity. The allflot® is adapted to meet all relevant demands in advance, with our engineers on hand to implement the proper layout. Its lower energy consumption, smaller space requirements and relatively high specific mineral yield go a long way to delivering reduced CO2 emissions.

As an energy-efficient solution boasting lower CO2 emissions and maximum possible product purity, the allflot® is the ideal choice for you and the environment.

The benefits of this technology

Conventional mechanical agitator flotation is a familiar method that is well-established in many processing plants around the world. But various flotation techniques must be combined in order to achieve maximum efficiency. allflot® offers the following exclusive benefits:

  • Unique flexibility thanks to new ventilation concept
  • 30% less power consumption compared with mechanical agitator flotation
  • Able to process very low concentrations of solids
  • Space-saving solution: compact footprint and smaller dewatering plant than in mechanical agitator flotation plants due to higher concentration of foam product

Technical specifications

  • Applications: ores, industrial minerals, coal and waste water treatment
  • Throughput rates of up to 1,600 m³/h in one machine
  • Ventilation concept that ensures a volumetric supply of +/- 10% within the same machine
  • Can be used in the pre-flotation, main flotation and cleaning flotation of various minerals


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