From ore and coal to gravel and sand, efficient and economical processing plants are required throughout the raw materials industry – and ecological, resource-conscious material processing is also attracting increased attention. allmineral offers wide-ranging expertise in the fields of raw materials processing and recycling, with our machines and plants adapting to meet your individual wishes and requirements as part of tailored system solutions.

The following pages provide an application-specific overview of what makes allmineral your ideal partner for the processing of primary and secondary raw materials.


Ore processing

When processing ores of any kind, it is necessary to remove gangue and surrounding rock in order to guarantee optimum results. Highly effective sorting and classifying machines featuring high throughputs enable particularly economical production. Wet processing techniques are largely used for this purpose – and the jigging technique, which was discovered centuries ago by Georg Agricola, has been given a revolutionary modern twist by allmineral.

Ore processing involves a number of demanding steps and the overall goal is to enrich the material content of the raw ores to the required market level. Combining high throughputs with low specific costs, alljig® jigs, allflux® upflow sorters, allgauss® high-gradient magnetic separators and allflot® pneumatic flotation units are an excellent choice in this regard.


Coal processing

Smart processing technologies from allmineral separate bituminous coal and lignite from unwanted surrounding rock, making these resources suitable for industrial purposes. A remarkably effective moisture removal process further increases the specific energy, as sticky coal impairs the sorting performance due to its high clay content and is less effective economically.

allmineral has demonstrated how the right plant design can easily resolve such problems. Thanks to our wealth of skill and experience in the field, our plants continue to set new standards.

Gravel & sand

Gravel and sand processing

Gravel and sand are mineral raw materials that often contain natural impurities – especially in the case of alluvial deposits – or do not feature the desired grain size. This means they must be processed in advance, with attrition, classification and sorting often used to separate unwanted components such as wood and organic matter while generating the desired grading curve. The requirements regarding their saleability as aggregate for concrete are becoming more strict, and coarse sieving can be followed by sorting in order to remove unwanted material. Above all, gravel and sand play a particularly important role in the production of concrete.

allmineral offers a flexible range of wet and dry processing machines that cater to a wide variety of requirements and specific customer needs. Even extremely coarse fractions and substantial impurities are no match for these user-friendly and highly durable solutions.


Processing of recycling material

A variety of recycling materials are known to contain light materials that significantly limit the potential for recycling. However, efficient machines that enable cost-effective and straightforward recycling can easily resolve this issue. In wet and dry processing alike, allmineral impresses with its durable plants that cater to the full range of customer needs and individualrequirements. Recycling represents a particularly important step towards a sustainable world.

Thanks to our processing plants, allmineral successfully demonstrates how an ecological approach can deliver economic benefits for your company. By using our durable solutions, you can save on recycling costs while making an important contribution to environmental protection.

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