Keeping our eye on the future and our finger on the pulse, our Global Testing & Research Center is where we generate the processing solutions of tomorrow. We strive to achieve the perfect balance between efficiency and sustainability in our processing plants, conserve vital resources and ensure complete processing of raw materials. And we dedicate intensive research to meeting these goals every single day at our Center.

  • Pooled expertise from across the Group in crushing and processing
  • Key to the development of complete solutions based on well-founded plant concepts
  • Groundbreaking test series and feasibility studies for entire plant areas
  • Development of a worldwide information pool to benefit our customers and science in equal measure 

The technology of the future – for your projects

Our aim is to model all HAZEMAG GROUP and allmineral products at the Global Testing & Research Center, thereby allowing a flexible response to customer needs. The results of our test series enable us to continuously optimise existing machines and processes. And as well as upgrading our existing product groups in dry and wet processing, we also work to develop new processing plants. All staff additionally maintain a constant exchange throughout each area of the Group to ensure efficient workflows at all times.

The technical expertise and specialist knowledge of our staff helps take the work at our Global Testing & Research Center to the next level, enabling the efficient implementation of application-based customer requests and research-related topics. Transparency is a vital part of operations at the Global Testing & Research Center, with partners and customers able to observe the tests in person so as to enhance their practical knowledge. This open exchange makes it possible to tackle global problems together and identify collective solutions. The Center thus successfully meets its founding objective, namely to promote research and development within the many fields of raw materials processing. 

Efficiency and the conservation of resources are increasingly decisive in terms of competition – and are developing into a global challenge in the context of heightened demand and less material-rich deposits.

Focus on environmental protection and sustainability

Sustainability and the careful handling of resources are fundamental to the preservation of nature and our activities as a company. Our sense of environmental responsibility is also reflected in our research and our future product range focused on the dry processing of materials. Environmental protection efforts at the Global Testing & Research Center are aimed above all at conserving resources – and the Center itself is located near a water protection area. HAZEMAG and allmineral both deal predominantly in products designed for the dry processing of raw materials. Our upcoming R&D projects are therefore focused above all on dry processes that promise to boost water conservation still further.

Research and development

As is true of many companies, our research and development efforts are based on projects that are only implemented after painstaking development, inspection and approval stages. Thanks to the ongoing recording of test data from various series, we are also able to identify patterns in our corresponding database and use these to enhance existing processes and machines.

The benefits of this evaluation of new technologies are linked to the site itself, with our direct connection to the HAZEMAG & EPR production departments presenting us with a wide range of options for installing and testing new technologies at the Global Testing & Research Center. This enables us to respond immediately to the results of tests.

One of the most important foundations for the successful processing of mineral primary and secondary raw materials is the reviewing of concepts by means of representative test series. The Global Testing & Research Center in Dülmen deploys the Group’s collective expertise in crushing and processing. Alongside the test facilities run by our partners (including IMS) in India, South Africa and North America, the Global Testing & Research Center also plays a key role in the development of complete solutions – which in turn enables us to provide well-founded plant concepts.

Our core tasks include test series for machine design and feasibility studies for entire plant areas. The resulting findings not only help us design and optimise plants in the short term, but also upgrade our own machines in the long term. In collaboration with test plants around the world, this generates a substantial pool of information from which we all benefit.

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