The future of our processing technology is founded on sustainability, water-saving solutions, and innovations that revolutionise existing approaches. We work to develop this technology at our Global Testing & Research Center: the processing of gravel, sand, coal and ore, as well as the booming field of recycling, all depend on forward-thinking developments that blend ecological activity with economic success. Having set their sights squarely on creating an ecological economy, our highly specialised engineers are making great strides towards the future of processing.

Our vision for the green economy

At allmineral, we develop processing plants and system solutions for processing that conserves resources and for recycling primary and secondary raw materials.
Our machines and processing systems have served as the embodiment of durable and reliable technology for over 30 years.

However, the processing of recycling material and natural resources is frequently associated with high water consumption and additional factors that have a significant negative impact on the environment. The challenge is therefore to move sustainably towards establishing a green economy – and our new machine portfolio serves as proof of our unshakeable commitment to this task. Our vision sees ecology and cost-effectiveness go hand in hand. For us, ecological sustainability in production means handling raw materials such as water with great care, conserving and recycling resources, and saving energy. In terms of economics, our long-term strategies put us in a position to take additional steps using the profits we have generated. We continuously enhance our technology and train our team to ensure that this vision combining ecology and cost-effectiveness leads to real action.

Key to this sustainable concept is the reorientation of our portfolio to focus on dry processing. 

Ecology and environmental protection are no bar to cost-effectiveness

Environmental protection and economic success. Ecology and cost-effectiveness. While many struggle to combine these seemingly competing factors, allmineral takes a different view: we bring them together within the framework of long-term and sustainable development strategies that are ready for future challenges. Our durable processing plants and system solutions have always borne the hallmarks of this approach, with our robust products made from high-quality components successfully retaining their value and undergoing specialist maintenance where necessary. Their profitable processing of raw materials and optimum handling of waste products ensures that they are well worth the investment. This outstanding durability also increases sustainability by conserving the material and energy that would otherwise be used for the procurement, repair and modification of lower-quality machines. And with some of our processing plants remaining in operation for several decades, this provides even greater opportunity for the mining of deposits.

Our business model improves the cost-effectiveness of processing plants, not despite their more ecologically sustainable operation but because of it. This model ensures the success of our customers and simultaneously acts to preserve nature. We are now going one step further and turning to technologies with a more targeted approach to water and energy consumption.

Our wet processing plants likewise pursue this vision – for example, the allflot® processing plant does not consume any electricity as it features self-priming operation via the Venturi principle. As allmineral works to increase production by minimising the waste of raw materials, our machines and plants help our customers ensure economical operations while also protecting the environment.

Ecological sustainability: an important step for allmineral

For over 30 years, allmineral has been characterised by quality and innovation. The sustainable processing of raw materials has also been part of our DNA from day one. Ecology and environmental protection provide ample motivation for us to get down to work, with few firms boasting such deep and comprehensive insight as our team of well-established and experienced engineers. This wealth of experience enables us to pursue innovative paths in the development of new plant technology.

Having taken our first steps towards sustainability in day-to-day operations at an early stage, we now avoid packaging of all kinds and limit the production of paper to the most essential cases. Remote working and the efficient use of office space are just as much a part of our environmental concept as the cutting-edge digital systems that structure our work. 

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Conserving resources: our dry processing products

Conventional processing of raw materials consumes a significant amount of water. The challenging task of withdrawing this water also poses additional risks for nature, with spectacular accidents in mining heaps – like those witnessed in Brazil and Hungary – irretrievably destroying the flora and fauna of entire regions. However, this can all be prevented: solutions such as the allair® and the new dry processing procedure help preserve these valuable resources.

Not only does this method boost profitability, it delivers a higher-quality product. Dry sorting of bituminous coal and lignite eliminates the need for labour-intensive slurry handling and disposal, as the bulk material is sorted via flows of air rather than water. No waste water or slurry is generated and the system also consumes considerably less energy. This innovative procedure therefore offers a host of ecological and economic benefits that promote our vision of ecological sustainability.