Thanks to our years of experience and targeted expertise, our customer service team is often able to resolve problems even before they happen. And if you ever have any trouble with your plant, our experts will be happy to perform a thorough analysis and fix the issue in no time at all. We provide full service from a single source, helping you and your newly optimised system solution get straight back to work. 

  • Regular customer service as a preventive measure
  • In-depth personal consulting
  • Swift expert assistance
  • Team of skilled service engineers

Any problems? We can help!

From individual machines to entire plants, one thing remains constant – if a process is not functioning flawlessly, you need expert assistance. Our engineers work continuously to develop innovative products and are used to finding creative solutions. If you are experiencing problems with process faults, you need allmineral.

Give us a call and provide as much detail as you can on the type of fault. We will ask targeted questions to guide you through the process and attempt to identify your problem during the conversation. Afterwards, we will provide you with suggested solutions either immediately or upon further discussion with the corresponding department at allmineral. 

If necessary, our maintenance technicians will travel to your site in order to see the problem for themselves and get your machines and devices working again. We are also available at short notice round the clock – after all, customer satisfaction is our top priority. 

Customer service: your on-site experts

At allmineral, our pursuit of top quality feeds into the efficiency and durability of our products as well as our service and consulting portfolio. We remain a start-up at heart and are renowned for our commitment to customer service. Offering creative system solutions tailored to specific individual needs, we serve as a reliable partner from planning and production through to ongoing plant maintenance and repair.

We are active across the globe and have installed processing plants for gravel, sand, ore, coal, slag and recycling applications on every continent. Wherever you need our help, allmineral’s expert service engineers are there for you in person. Our customers also appreciate our commitment to resource-conscious methods and the preservation of nature. For this reason, our future product range will focus primarily on dry processing of materials.

Avoiding downtime

We always act in the interests of our customers. In order to keep the amount of service work and related costs to a minimum, we strive to prevent plant faults from occurring in the first place. For example, regular machine and plant maintenance enables us to replace any potentially problematic parts before they fail. The corresponding spare parts should therefore always be kept in stock on site so as to avoid any unnecessary downtime.

As machine downtime is a bar to profit, the reliable functioning of your plants is of vital economic importance. We recommend that you invest in regular maintenance performed by a highly skilled allmineral service engineer who knows all the ins and outs. Agreeing a maintenance contract with allmineral can help prevent major inconvenience later on. And if you should experience any problems, we can of course provide swift assistance even outside of the scheduled maintenance intervals. 

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