Machine downtime is expensive, which is why allmineral takes a proactive approach to help save on unnecessary costs. We offer an optimised maintenance service and undertake prompt plant repair in the event of a fault. After all, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Asset Performance Service Agreement

We are here to help you with your processing or recycling plant – and you can make unlimited use of our expert service at any point during the entire service life of your machines. allmineral supports you with maintenance tasks, reliably performing scheduled and unscheduled work (such as repairs).

We ensure optimum efficiency and availability of your plant, handle aspects of safety and environmental protection, and keep your operating costs down at a manageable level. The corresponding Asset Performance Service Agreement is coordinated with you based on the individual requirements of your company. 

Our service portfolio covers the following aspects:

Increased productivity

The digitisation of your processing plant enables you to benefit from the latest tools, increase productivity and optimise the quality of your products. It also has a positive impact on your operating costs.


OEM maintenance support

A site visit from our experts and skilled back-office support will combine their resources to expand your technical knowledge. Enjoy even more efficient and reliable plant operation while reducing your operating costs.


Improved maintenance

Our service experts support you in developing a maintenance strategy for your machines based on the most important key performance indicators. The service tools used for this purpose help you meet your goals even faster.


We offer a completely tailored service to maximise your performance in every regard. If necessary, we can even assume full responsibility for particularly critical areas and maintain a constant presence on site. allmineral delivers guaranteed plant productivity and manages operational risk with its wealth of skill and experience.

Full support for entire service life

Are you looking to improve the overall effectiveness of your processing plant or gradually change its performance? Would you like to modernise or even initiate a brand-new project? Our creative service experts are at your side – for the entire service life of your plant, if need be. From greenfield projects to the expansion of complex existing systems, we always craft a reliable and sustainable solution to deliver long-term results.


Are your machines becoming outdated, experiencing frequent failures or no longer compliant with the latest safety regulations? Our wide range of upgrades for technology and equipment can help you restore your level of performance and improve efficiency. A comprehensive upgrade extends the service life of your plants, reduces power consumption and implements increased automation to save on expensive work hours. You can choose between a range of technology packages or work with our experts to generate a customised solution for your entire plant process.

Boost your performance and productivity

From simple spare parts to complex maintenance and repair solutions, no job is too small and no challenge too big for us. Our thorough approach enables us to pinpoint your individual business requirements and develop the ideal solution. We then draw on our innovative technologies and superlative expertise to deliver the best possible results for your company. 

Planned shutdown

It is impossible to implement a thorough turnaround without temporarily shutting down the machines. In order to keep the shutdown as brief as possible, the entire process must be planned with great care.

For this purpose, we have developed a planning system featuring precise documentation. This incorporates the project structure, time, risk minimisation, safety management, effective communication between the various staff disciplines and the detailed assignment of roles to individual employees.

The time invested by our experts in planning the shutdown saves you significant costs and increases the utilisation of your plant. 

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