Our skilled engineers are ready to help with tasks ranging from plant construction through to the repair of your processing plants and system solutions. We are passionate about what we do, with our maintenance service receiving just as much care and attention as the development and installation of entirely new processing plants. 

  • Quick and reliable service, both on site and on the telephone
  • Avoid production downtime with our comprehensive maintenance portfolio
  • Expert team with wide-ranging specialist knowledge and decades of practical experience
  • Large spare parts warehouse for prompt and flexible component delivery

Support for customised plant construction

Are you interested in processing gravel, sand or ore, cleaning and sorting coal, or installing a recycling plant? From the sites to the raw materials and the targeted end products, you can choose from a diverse range of options – each catered to by different machines and devices. We therefore view every order as a fresh challenge and a chance to craft fantastically creative high-performance solutions. If you need specialist assistance for a planned or existing plant, look no further than allmineral!

Our experts combine detailed knowledge with years of practical experience. We play a decisive role in the development of processing plants, with the team at our Global Testing & Research Center already hard at work planning system solutions for the world of tomorrow. We are also happy to draw up a tailored solution to meet your individual needs as part of our customer and repair service. Even after 30-plus years, allmineral has retained the ambitious character of a start-up and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Predictive maintenance

Regular plant maintenance can save you a great deal of trouble and unnecessary downtime. We recommend that our customers have all their machines checked at least once a year by our service engineers and reconfigured where necessary. allmineral’s expert team is even able to predictively identify problems, enabling you to take the corresponding steps before your system sustains a fault. If you should experience any operational interruptions, we are always on hand to provide prompt assistance. 

Checking spare parts availability

We recommend that our customers keep safety components in stock on site. If additional spare parts are required, we can check their availability in our warehouse. In urgent cases such as machine breakdown, we can retrieve, pack and dispatch parts within a single day. And even the regular delivery time from the warehouse is a mere three days. You are also free to install the parts yourself or entrust this task to our customer support technicians. 

What to do during a maintenance – our on-site service

When maintenances are needed, our on-site service team begins by evaluating the current situation together with you in your role as plant operator. In response to the ensuing findings, we configure your hardware and software, compile important service information, and provide spare parts recommendations. It may be possible for certain sections of your processing plant to remain in operation even during maintenance work, but this depends on the individual systems and is always decided on a case-by-case basis. 

allmineral technicians and engineers are ready for deployment across the globe – and are available for on-site service whenever you need them! And of course, we take great pains to conserve resources and protect nature as much as possible when going about our work.

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