The allflux® procedure uses fluidised bed technology for density sorting and hydraulic classification. This two-stage treatment makes it possible to process a mixture of sand and water without pre-thickening. An upflow that passes through the feed slurry at the coarse sand level causes the light and fine particles to rise up, with the sinking coarse and heavy particles being removed. 

The fine sand level, a circular process that constitutes the second stage, is reached by the light material – including the fine particles that form an autogenous fluidised bed. The light material awaiting separation floats on this bed and subsequently spills over with the upflow of water. 

  • Sorting, classification, thickening and cleaning all performed in a single unit
  • Production of quality sand from deposits featuring impurities
  • Consistent material quality via automatic process control
  • Low energy requirement and low wear

Sustainable processing with allflux®

Thanks to the new generation of control software and a whole host of additional improvements, the allflux® fluidised bed sorter not only reliably separates organic impurities but also produces and mixes high-precision sand fraction classes. This means that compact plants requiring low investment and operating costs can generate high-quality sands according to a recipe, even when using partial flows in existing facilities. 

Since the market launch of the allflux® fluidised bed procedure in the sand and concrete industry, this technology has been successfully used in numerous other application areas. Fine coal recovery from tailings ponds, ore and mineral sand processing, and the recovery of glass and sand from household waste are just some of the many applications in which the allflux® fluidised bed procedure has been deployed. 

The use of the allflux® fluidised bed procedure reduces operating costs as a number of process steps are combined in a single machine. This helps save on cyclones, classifiers, sorters, thickeners and hundreds of coils, for example. 

The benefits of this technology

  • The allflux® brings together a number of different process steps in a single unit
  • Generates products in three high-precision classes
  • Produces special sands through mixing, both online and offline
  • Solids content in feed material can be adjusted within a broad range
  • Energy efficiency thanks to material feed-in via free flow or low level of advance pressure

allflux® technical specifications

  • Processing of grain sizes up to 4 mm
  • Generates autogenous heavy slurry for the separation of light materials 
  • Various build sizes with diameters of up to 7 m
  • Can handle up to 2,000 m3/h of feed material and 800 t/h of solids in one unit 
  • Hydraulically controlled discharge devices
  • 3-stage process without moving parts


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