Are you a responsible team player looking to fulfil your potential and join an ambitious start-up with 30 years of experience? Join the allmineral expert team and develop creative system solutions for customers all over the world!

Teamwork takes top priority: the allmineral way

Düsseldorf-based allmineral knows the value of teamwork combined with openness, flexibility, flat hierarchies and transparent communication. Within our team, we are all on an equal footing and free to discuss ideas in a spirit of mutual respect. We always pull in the same direction and work together to develop our solutions.

New members of the team are treated to a thorough onboarding process including a welcome breakfast with their more established colleagues. Our team covers all ages from 20 to 60, maintains a friendly and supportive working environment, and goes about its work with real relish.

As an employee, you are expected to play an active role in operations, given a great deal of freedom in your decision-making and encouraged to voice your thoughts. And if you have any suggestions for improvement, these are always highly welcome. In order to reinforce this team spirit, we also participate in events such as the Cologne Marathon and enjoy the opportunity to socialise together in the evening.

Training and qualifications

Given our forward-looking approach, we are always working to develop the technical solutions of tomorrow at our Global Testing & Research Center. This makes it all the more vital that our employees are ready to tackle the full spectrum of current and future challenges, with systematic training and continuing professional development a major point of focus for each individual member of the team.

Alongside a wide range of options for expanding their skills, our employees also benefit from a comprehensive talent development programme and regular participation in managerial training sessions. Another aspect of our personnel development concept is the international staff exchange between the various allmineral teams in Poland, India, Russia, Canada, the USA, South Africa and Australia. 

As a company that remains a start-up at heart, we are great innovators and actively involve our employees in the development and implementation of our corporate strategy. This enables all team members to advance in their careers by making practical use of what they have learned during their training. These shared experiences also help the team move forward together.

About us: we are allmineral

allmineral is known for its superlative quality standards, outstanding customer service and innovative, durable products. Our company culture encompasses a sustainable approach to nature and the conservation of resources as well as participation in voluntary aid projects. And our Chief Happiness Officer and CEO are also on hand to ensure our employees are feeling good.

We offer flexible hours and mobile working, as each member of the team is issued with their own laptop. Our cutting-edge office facilities are also equipped with comfortable, height-adjustable desks. We even have a special feedback box, which enables employees to actively shape their working environment by submitting their ideas and suggestions. 

allmineral employees are always well catered for, with the team enjoying free drinks such as water, tea and coffee as well as multiple deliveries of fresh fruit every week. To make the workday that much sweeter, there are also several boxes of tasty treats dotted around the office. We even hold occasional barbecues on site when the weather is good – and our table football room is the perfect place to take a well-earned break.

Join our team

allmineral employees enjoy a range of additional perks including the free use of our dedicated underground car park, corporate benefits (employee discounts), and generous bonuses issued via programmes such as ‘Employees recruit employees’. We also organise a series of team events, with walking tours through Düsseldorf and our annual Christmas party just two examples. 

Are you enthusiastic about our team spirit and working environment? Looking for an ideal work-life balance with flexible hours at a dynamic modern workplace? Then join the allmineral team in Düsseldorf as we develop the processing and recycling plants of the future! You can find us on the relevant job portals such as LinkedIn and Stepstone.

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