With its broad feed-in spectrum, the alljig® ensures efficient sorting of a wide variety of primary and secondary raw and waste materials featuring different densities. The water- and air-pulsed alljig® is a smart, reliable and economical solution.

  • Precise automatic discharge regulation to ensure consistently high product quality
  • Special designs for 1 to 4 separations in a single machine
  • 12 different machine widths for range of feed material levels
  • Numerous configuration options for optimising the sorting process – even during operation

Sustainable processing with alljig® jigs

As alljig® jigs are air-pulsed, the pulsation of water is practically wear-free and offers broad scope for configuration and optimisation.

The second core process is that of discharging – the separation of the heavy feed from the layered material bed. This is performed via the heavy feed discharge from a storage layer. The separation layer is scanned by a ‘floater’, which precisely traces the behaviour of the heavy feed layer awaiting separation. The signals from the floater are detected and processed electronically.

Sieve discharges, pivoting beds, bottom slide discharges and rotary valves may be used as discharge devices depending on the raw material type and the grain size.

The benefits of this technology

  • Easy to configure – even during operation
  • Jig generated stroke practically wear free
  • Low-maintenance solution with a long service life
  • Broad range of grain sizes and high throughput
  • High-precision separation
  • Customisable configuration
  • Reliable and user-friendly

Technical specifications

alljig® jigs are used to sort a comprehensive range of primary and secondary raw materials, provided that the substances to be separated feature different densities. The operating parameters of alljig® jigs can be configured during operation and adjusted in line with raw material fluctuations if necessary.


  • Applications: gravel, sand, coal, ore, salt, industrial minerals, broken stone, shredded material, non-ferrous metals, slag, construction waste, recycling materials
  • Throughputs ranging from 1 to 700 t/h
  • Grain sizes from 0.1 to 150 mm
  • Air-pulsed jig with rotary piston control or poppet valves
  • Automatic yield regulation with analogue layer height measurement

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Reference projects

High-quality gravel with alljig®

Kieswerke Ohle & Lau GmbH, located in the south-east of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, is one of allmineral’s longest-serving customers. For more than 25 years, an air-pulsed alljig® gravel jig has been deployed here to ensure reliable and efficient processing of this raw material for the creation of maximum-purity gravel. Capable of extremely precise adjustment, this jig is guaranteed to separate out any components that react with alkalis.

Bituminous coal processing with alljig®

Since 2018, two powerful alljig® jigs at the Uvalnaya mine in Siberia have handled the processing of high-quality bituminous coal to generate products for the global market. High-quality coke is enjoying increased demand in the context of pig iron production at integrated smelting works. 

Ore mining with alljig®

In the south-east of Australia, alljig® jigs boasting low energy and investment costs are hard at work processing iron ore. This innovative system, which was adapted to suit the new conditions at the Iron Baron Mine, represents a major triumph for allmineral and SIMEC Mining alike. 

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