Want to learn how new production plants, conversions and adjustments can quickly enhance profitability? Our tailored training courses maximise your productivity from the word go. The innovative and experienced allmineral training team provides a comprehensive training portfolio that is adapted to suit your individual operating conditions and expectations. We can support you with everything from installation and commissioning through to ongoing production processes and long-term projects. Click the link below to learn more about our service portfolio, proactive consulting and training units that will help take your company to the next level.

Maintenance training from our experts

Our experts combine in-depth industry knowledge with a great deal of passion for their work. The training sessions conducted by this innovative team are available in the form of maintenance or process training. 

Maintenance training provides you and your employees with a thorough technological grounding in allmineral equipment. Theoretical training clarifies plant maintenance and repair processes as well as advanced maintenance management. Learners are then able to consolidate their new knowledge in practical on-site training sessions. 

The benefits of our exclusive maintenance training: 

  • Greater reliability 
  • Longer plant service life and operating time 
  • Compliance with efficient maintenance techniques 
  • Reduced maintenance costs 
  • Reduced operational accidents 
  • Targeted explanation and training for the safe and efficient performance of daily, monthly and yearly maintenance tasks 
  • Latest information on requirements and developments relating to the necessary maintenance tasks 


Process and operational training provides your employees with in-depth knowledge of process development in the production workflow. Well-informed experts with decades of experience in the processing of metals and minerals optimise your team’s knowledge of handling and technology in relation to allmineral machines. 


The benefits of our process training: 

  • Deeper understanding of process reliability for your production plants 
  • Well-founded knowledge throughout your entire organisation 
  • Awareness of the latest findings relating to general technologies as well as the devices and processes of your company 
  • Demonstrates links between processes and devices
  • Familiarises your employees with operational equipment and corresponding interface units
  • Tailored training solutions ensure optimum approach to suit specific conditions
  • Training available on site or in a suitable teaching environment as required

OEM innovations: benefit from our expertise

As an OEM (original equipment manufacturer), we can draw on our wealth of experience to help you take the next step. Companies across the globe benefit from our specialist knowledge of the leading technologies. 

With our years of process expertise, we know how to maintain allmineral devices, how to make the ideal adjustments to suit any situation and how your company can quickly hit maximum efficiency. Our team includes some of the world’s leading experts, ready and waiting to share their valuable knowledge with you. 

If you wish to focus on your core business, then you need Operations Design – a complete service package that we offer alongside training as part of our holistic range of plant solutions. This helps you achieve continuous improvement, high production capacity and optimised asset utilisation, giving you the freedom to tackle other challenges. The overall package comprising process optimisation, operational responsibility and a broad service network is individually tailored to your needs. 

Team training

Experienced operators and new maintenance personnel alike are faced with constantly changing process conditions in production. Ongoing learning is a must in order to achieve optimum results and above all for reasons of safety.

Our Virtual Experience Training helps your employees acquire valuable experience while learning about the processes at your company. And the simulator-based solution provides a risk-free environment for communicating more advanced content. This cost-effective and time-saving approach is suitable for all employees, no matter how long they have been part of the team. 


The benefits of Virtual Experience Training at a glance: 

  • Reduced start times for new equipment
  • Increased utilisation of production processes 
  • Minimal production losses 
  • Stable process flows guaranteed
  • Production and quality goals are met on schedule while avoiding production interruptions 

Commissioning: getting started on site

Need support launching your new project? Our team of experts around the world are ready to help with the commissioning and installation of your plants: enjoy a smooth start to production, reach your profitability goals in less time, minimise the risk of problems and boost safety from the very start of work. Our team handles the professional installation and commissioning of all delivered devices anywhere in the world. 

We also offer corresponding training during this phase to familiarise your team with the plants. Our Ramp-up Services are conducted by experienced experts who guide you through all stages of initial installation and ensure smooth and efficient start-up of all devices. 

You can optionally book an extended warranty if required. 


The benefits of Ramp-up Services at a glance: 

  • Fast amortisation thanks to continuous fulfilment of performance and quality goals 
  • Quick implementation of work procedures and best practices
  • Prompt response to any faults that may occur 
  • Increased production capacity up to target level 
  • Clear definition of necessary steps and activities via process support and well-founded metallurgical knowledge 


Do you require on-site assistance? Our field service staff deliver wide-ranging solutions for maintenance projects, perform optimisation where necessary, carry out spare parts evaluations and provide consulting. This experienced team of consultants offers proactive support to ensure reliable long-term plant production. 


The benefits of our field service at a glance: 

  • More reliability 
  • Reduced plant downtime 
  • Increased machine availability and longer service life of overall plant
  • Spare parts optimisation where required 
  • Expertise available on site and on demand 

Process optimisation training: acquire lasting expert knowledge

Connected Services is the name given to our reliable round-the-clock service portfolio for your allmineral equipment. Our innovative 24/7 remote service enables you to make decisions, increase performance, and ensure reliable and secure production. Remote troubleshooting, monitoring of device output and remote monitoring of technical plant status are combined to form a comprehensive package. This helps you guarantee operational transparency while achieving optimum performance with the assistance of our experts. And our focus on data security means that you always retain ownership of the collected data. 

We agree individual data requirements to suit your project. In order to provide our networked services, we need access to device and plant data including measurements from the allmineral devices. 

We do not use information outside of allmineral, with a typical purpose being the necessary internal exchange of product line data between consulting experts. We have drawn up standardised security regulations for management and information security. Our data security concept encompasses users, devices and software. 

Troubleshooting, online monitoring and regular expert evaluation are the three cornerstones of our Connected Services platform, forming a sound basis for the duration of your service agreement. 

The online data collection system ensures enhanced troubleshooting, with real-time information enabling prompt decision-making and proactive maintenance planning. Regular Expert Assessment Services also provide detailed reports and action plans based on the gathered data. Connected Services tap into the collective knowledge of product and process experts around the world, providing tailored, lighting-quick solutions to any problems that occur. Fault causes are swiftly identified, process- and device-related incidents are resolved, and your plant is restored to full functionality in next to no time.

Digital process optimisation increases plant safety and ensures stable production. Allmineral Advisory Tools help your company achieve increased energy efficiency, greater profitability and maximum production success through expert knowledge – available online and on site at all times. 

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