For over 30 years, the team at allmineral Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG has developed processes and solutions ranging from individual machines to complex processing plants.

In response to demanding quality requirements, we developed processing plants for the mining, building material and recycling industries while establishing a broad product range on the market. Thanks to our dedicated and above all customer-focused approach, our independent medium-sized company has evolved into a major player far beyond the borders of our native Germany.

Not only do products such as the alljig®, allflux®, allflot®, allair® and allgauss® enjoy global renown within the industry, we also install tailored system solutions for our customers on all continents.

Key technology for the future

Our products focus on sorting, which is the core component of processing and is decisive for the quality of the finished product. To this end, we have developed a series of patented procedures that have proven themselves across the globe in a wide variety of processing plants for raw and waste materials. The ‘Products’ section of our website features detailed information on our alljig®, allflux®, allflot®, allair® and allgauss® systems. 

All of these are characterised by their high efficiency, making intelligent use of the laws of physics as well as the properties of air and water as natural elements. 

More success for our customers – our references

Thanks to our raw material inspections, pilot projects, years of experience and ongoing development work, we can handle the planning, delivery and assembly of everything from individual components to complex system solutions.

Our experience with a wide variety of raw materials and industries has helped us make a decisive contribution to processing and extraction for a great many customers already. Click here to learn more about our product references.

More future for our resources

Innovative dry processing entirely eliminates the need for the water circuit as featured in conventional processing plants. In addition to reducing the processing costs by 75%, dry processing ensures that no costs whatsoever are incurred for the storage and disposal of slurry.

Dry processing helps increase the specific energy of the raw material, most notably in the field of coal processing. The simple structure and integration of allair® processing plants is a further argument in their favour, together with their small footprint and modest approval requirements.


The allair® air jig has been developed for the dry sorting of coal. This combines the benefits of sorting via pulsing with the benefits of dry processing – meaning that there is no need to treat the washing water or to dewater the products, for example. 

Dry sorting performed with the allair® air jig significantly increases the calorific value of the coal while achieving a notable reduction in the ash and sulphur content. In many cases, the investment and operating costs are lower than with the alternative of wet processing.

More efficiency for your applications

Wet processes are the most widespread option for the processing of building materials, ores, and many additional primary and secondary raw materials. allmineral’s comprehensive portfolio handles the sorting of a wide variety of materials featuring grain sizes ranging from coarse to very fine. The medium of water has an extremely positive impact on separation by material properties – and wet processes are almost entirely shielded from external climatic conditions.


alljig® jigs perform sorting by passing an upflow of water through the material layer in order to loosen it. The grains are thereby layered according to their density, with the lighter grains rising to the surface of the material bed while only the heavier grains gather lower down. 

As alljig® jigs are air-pulsed, the pulsation of water is practically wear-free and offers broad scope for optimisation. 


allflot® flotation, which is combined with conventional agitator flotation as a more coarse stage, achieves peak efficiency for most applications. The allflot® scavenger cell improves recovery and boosts quality to the level desired.

allflot® flotation machines are equipped with a ‘swan-neck’ mechanism for easy mechanical level control.


The allgauss® offers a high degree of freedom in terms of the configuration options, enabling optimum results for the material awaiting separation.  This processing plant also consumes up to 50% less energy than machines featuring the same field strength. For example, the magnetic field strength can be configured separately for each rotor so as to use the bottom rotor for post-cleaning. 


The allflux® procedure uses fluidised bed technology for density sorting and hydraulic classification. This two-stage treatment makes it possible to process a mixture of sand and water without pre-thickening. An upflow at the coarse sand level causes the light and fine particles to rise up, with the sinking coarse and heavy particles being removed. 

The fine sand level, a circular process that constitutes the second stage, is reached by the light material – including the fine particles that form an autogenous fluidised bed. The light material awaiting separation floats on this bed and subsequently spills over with the upflow of water. 

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