After raw coal is extracted, it still features substantial impurities that make it unsuitable for commercial use at this stage. Only effective processing technology of the kind offered by allmineral enables bituminous coal and lignite to be deployed in additional process steps. Thanks to these smart processing technologies, the coal is not only rendered usable – effective ash reduction and high-performance dewatering even serve to increase its specific energy!

Read on to learn more about coal processing – and discover what our plants can do for you!

Coal: ideal processing with allmineral technology

Sticky coal features a high clay content and makes sorting more difficult. Other forms of coal with high HGIs generate lots of extremely fine grains, which are expensive to process and can only be sold at low prices. But as allmineral has demonstrated, both problems can be solved in a single process through proper plant design.

Drawing on its years of experience in plant construction, our Global Research Team makes it possible to process even sticky coal. Their deep knowledge of the mining of softer rock types such as pumice is also essential to the production of next-level processing plants at allmineral. We put our practical experience to use in the field of coal processing – and our plants continue to set new standards.

alljig® jigs

The ultimate hallmark of the alljig® jigs is their additive jig stroke, which enables maximum-precision separation and unrivalled throughput rates.

The allflux® procedure

The allflux® procedure effortlessly enables high throughputs in the fine-grain range with just a single machine.

allair® air jigs

The allair® air jig is an unrivalled solution for dry processing and the separation of pyrite and rock from bituminous coal and lignite.

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