Ores are economically important minerals that are mined for the purpose of extracting metal. They are processed to remove gangue and prepare them for subsequent handling. In allmineral we strive for economical production through the use of, Highly effective sorting in conjunction with classification and a lofty throughput. Today, even minerals that are mined from non-metals such as sulphur can be designated as ores.

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Processing with allmineral technology

A series of demanding steps must be completed to ensure the correct processing of ores and perfect sorting into various qualities.  In general, the aim is to enrich the raw ore content to meet the level required by the market. allmineral jigs and up flow sorters have proven themselves ideal for this purpose, as their high throughputs ensure the necessary product quality with low specific costs. We are your expert partner for handling ores:

  • Seamless sorting of challenging materials featuring a large number of fractions close to the separation density
  • Outstanding user-friendliness and easy configuration of all machines – even during operation
  • Highly robust plants with excellent variability

alljig® jigs

alljig® jigs enrich concentrates and pre-separate waste in next to no time, generating market-ready products in a single step.

The allflux® technology

The allflux® technology handles both the enrichment and the classification of iron ores.

Flexible and powerful – allgauss® plants

The allgauss® high-intensity magnetic separator delivers high-precision separation, great flexibility and maximum efficiency. It is primarily used in the enrichment of haematitic iron ores.

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