A wide variety of recycling materials, such as construction waste, dredged material and other material flows, contain unwanted heavy and light components that usually prevent or significantly hinder recycling processes. This therefore demands the use of machines that enable easy and cost-effective processing of secondary raw materials. allmineral’s wet and dry processing solutions are sure to suit all needs and individual requirements.

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Ecological and efficient processing with allmineral

The ultimate goal of recycling is to prevent waste and enable the reuse of all raw materials. And the sheer efficiency of allmineral’s processing plants helps you tap into major economic benefits while making a significant contribution to sustainability. 

allmineral machines are primarily used for the recovery of valuable raw materials, a process that is gaining in importance from an ecological standpoint and greatly improves sustainability in operations. Regardless of the material types in question, material fractions must be correctly broken down into the various qualities to enable optimum raw material recovery – and can boost recycling levels to as much as 100%.

alljig® jigs

Combining outstanding product quality with high throughput, alljig® jigs eliminate the need for labour-intensive manual sorting.

The allflux® procedure

The allflux® procedure delivers effortless cleaning and high-precision classification of sands featuring impurities.

allair® air jigs

The allair® air jig enables dry, environmentally friendly separation – even of light material.

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Global Testing & Research Center

Keeping our eye on the future and our finger on the pulse, our Global Testing & Research Center is where we generate the processing solutions of tomorrow. We strive to achieve the perfect balance between efficiency and sustainability in our processing plants, conserve vital resources and ensure complete processing of raw materials. And we dedicate intensive research to meeting these goals every single day at our Center.