Vendor Managed Inventory in Indonesia: Repairs at lightning speed even in remote regions

For optimum coal production, a fully functioning machine park is absolutely necessary. A constant stock of spare parts is therefore of great benefit. The Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) concept makes it possible to always provide the optimum amount of spare parts, even in remote regions. Through the continuous analysis of the wear data of the coal producers, the spare parts catalogue is constantly expanded and a constant machine availability is guaranteed.

Indonesia is home to more than 262 million people: a tropical landscape full of volcanoes, dense forests, thousands of volcanic islands and pristine dream beaches. This colourful, multi-ethnic country is rich in natural treasures, and it exports more coal for electric power stations than any other country anywhere on the globe. PT Suprabari Mapanindo Mineral operates at a distance of round 1800 kilometres from Jakarta: our customer processes about 500 tonnes of coal and waste material per hour, thanks to the allmineral system solution. In the coal mines of PT Asmin Bara Bronang too, the name allmineral is recognised: In the Southwest of the island of Borneo, our experts are conceptualizing a semi-mobile coal washing system for the processing of materials that were not marketable up to now.

Having completed our system solutions and the mobile solution, we did not entirely hand over the project yet by any means. We are looking after both companies now and also in the future with our VMI contracts, supplying the required spare parts just-in-time and individually and ensuring that the machines are operating at maximum efficiency and continue to do so.

The five-year Spare Parts package: One-stop fast supply of spare parts for coal mining and processing

The regional specifics in Indonesia pose exciting challenges for us time and again. In this huge country, journeys are long and the infrastructure is sometimes different to what we know form the densely populated regions of Europe. The tropical climate with immense heat and strong rainfall contributes its part to transport routes often requiring a talent for improvisation and huge effort.

Our semi-mobile installation in Kalimantan on Borneo is designed to last for a period of 20 years of working life. Yet here, just like the processing plants of PT Suprabari Mapanindo Mineral, spare parts are occasionally required.

Therefore, we set up a contract with both our customers at the end of 2020 for the supply of spare parts over the coming five years. The Vendor Managed Inventory, in short VMI, ensures that both coal producers have access to required spare parts for their installations at short notice.

For the system solution based on alljig® in Kalimantan as well as for the semi-mobile processing plant, we offer both of our customers a comprehensive spare part service from one source: as supplier of the overall system, allmineral becomes the single contact partner for all spare part issues in both cases.

The customised allmineral spare part warehouse in Jakarta: All spare parts di-rectly on site

In the instance of a breakdown, fast delivery of spare parts in the expanse of the Indonesian jungle and island landscapes is not easy. Together with our customers therefore, we leased a local spare part warehouse facility in Jakarta. There, we now stock parts, which can be called up at any time, in case they are required in the processing and mining regions.
The selection of parts for the local spare part facility is based on allmineral’s experience and is put together in close consultation with manufacturers in the various trades and by using their know-how.

We primarily coordinate more than 1000 individual spare parts from more than 25 different manufacturers. Following demand, we continuously supplement our stock catalogue and acquire new parts, which had shown specific requirements. As early as 2021, in the first year of contract, we delivered all system trades with an initial spare part package directly to the worksite. In parallel, we procured the same spare parts as backup for the warehouse near to the customer.  

When there is a malfunction at a customer’s facility, which requires the installation of spare parts, there is a very rapid response: Our customers initiate a demand, which ideally can be satisfied directly by the local warehouse. The part is delivered immediately due to the significantly shorter distance and, following that, allmineral ensures that the stock is replenished once again.

In this way we ensure that both our companies - and other partners who decide to choose our one-stop spare part service in the future - can rely on constant machine availability even in regions with challenging conditions.

The advantages of our spare part warehouse as part of the VMI are obvious:

  • Time savings for procuring and transporting spare parts to Indonesia.
  • Short delivery times, as goods can be obtained directly from the Jakarta warehouse and only the journey to the worksite needs to be calculated.
  • Comprehensive advice available at any time from our practised allmineral experts.

Constant machine availability thanks to optimised warehouse stock: Our aims for 2022 in Jakarta

Also in 2022, and in coming years, we will continue to work on perfecting our one-stop service. Thanks to shorter journeys, we significantly reduce the downtime of allmineral system solutions on site.

We are working consistently to optimise the stored parts and stock at the Jakarta warehouse. In this way, we ensure consistent spare part supply and therefore high levels of machine availability and optimised capital commitment for all parties.

To meet to our high demands, a constant analysis of individual demand for parts takes place. Together with our customers, we check our warehouse stock continuously and always readjust it as required. With transparent communication, comprehensive expert know-how, global experience and a great deal of passion for our industry, we ensure entrepreneurial success for our customers - now and in the coming years, in Indonesia and anywhere in the world – wherever you need our expertise.