Heading into the future with allmineral technology: Processing shapes culture yesterday and today

Looking back in the history of mankind, one thing we find is the ability to process nature’s raw materials and to use them for our own purposes. This competence in harnessing valuable mineral resources not only guaranteed man's survival, but also promoted prosperity and, quite decisively, cultural development in all parts of the world. With modern, sophisticated engineering capabilities, in industrial processing technology we have an efficient means of achieving the highest yields with economical and sustainable production.

Learn more about the processing plant with the alljig®: the reliable and economical version of state-of-the-art processing technology is now also available as a mobile plant for test runs and temporary projects.


Processing in industry: Baseline topics of all industries and processes

Throughout the ages since the beginning of industrialization, three pillars have characterized the perception of processing work. Time, budget and efficiency define the framework within which companies realize their economic success. These three factors are top priorities and also determine the design, development and implementation of all our plants at allmineral. We unite these priorities succinctly under the motto "design simply and design well".

The flagship of our company, one of our best-known machines, is the alljig®, which is already in use all over the globe. The alljig® sorts a variety of primary and secondary raw and waste materials of varying densities. Water- and air-pulsed processes are implemented. Intelligent, reliable and economical production is always the goal of our individually designed equipment, and the alljig® achieves this production method in many, very different companies on several continents.

Our machines are already shaping mining technology in all parts of the world, and we are building our strategy for future plants based on this success and experience.

The considerations for an intelligent, economical and sustainable production method resulted in a further development of the alljig® machine, which we are delighted to present to you.

allmineral plants go mobile: introducing the mobile alljig® P-400x800

We are forging ahead with great strides and helping to shape the future of processing: The mobile alljig® P-400x800 incorporates the advantages and qualities of the common alljig® in a mobile version.

Ecologically sustainable production has become a compelling necessity today. We are leading the way in research and innovation as usual, and with the mobile alljig® P-400x800 we demonstrate how feed material can be processed with a flexible plant.

There may be various reasons for using a mobile plant. Test runs that require setting up a production line that can only be used for a limited period of time are much easier to implement with mobile plants. The compact alljig® can be easily and quickly transported from place to place. This lets company operators carry out their tests independently on site without having to intervene in ongoing production.

If the feed material changes, or even if a new product needs to be tested, plant capacities are required that are only used for a short time. With the mobile alljig® plant you can test the performance and see if and with which settings the desired results can be achieved in your production line. Of course, our experienced service consultants are at your side every step of the way.

The benefits of a test workshop with the mobile alljig®: put through its paces by our experts

The new mobile alljig® P-400x800 plant combines all the advantages of a regular laboratory and test workshop, but provides its benefits directly on site, where you need the results. Our new concept's mobile approach a plug and play solution with integrated "remote control" possibility. The entire plant can be set up and operated within half an hour. Once the machine is set up, connect the power, add water and feed the material. The result will amaze you and will surely extend your horizons when it comes to processing technology.

The benefits of your test workshop with our mobile plant at a glance:

  • Fastest possible sample results for further purposes
  • Testing under real conditions, directly on site and by your own experts
  • Efficient and ecologically sustainable
  • Easy to set up plug-and-play unit
  • Installation and onward transport are easy and can be implemented on short notice

Perfect production made easy: Your benefits with allmineral technology

In times of climate change and growing environmental awareness, you no longer need to send tons of your samples around the world. You can avoid the need for costly workshops elsewhere with our mobile alljig® P-400x800 system. With your own test workshop, you test yourself, together with your own experts, right on site. So, you always have a clear view, and can test when and where you need results. Our experts are always at your disposal to advise you on all processes. Master the challenges of the future and let us provide you with professional support at every big and small step.

In addition to the flexible alljig® mobile solution, we have other options for perfectly adapting your production. For example, in addition to the usual allair® fixed installation, you can also get our air-pulsed jigging machine as a mobile allair variant.

Just as extraction follows the deposit, we follow extraction: The allair® mobile already supports you in the pre-sorting stage. Thanks to its modular system, you can install a self-sufficient, generator-powered processing plant in a very short time and optimize your product flows right on site.

Progress through innovation and passion: Join us in the future of processing plants!

Take a look at the new, mobile alljig® plant as proof: Future-oriented solutions must be innovative and efficient - and with our experts, those are exactly the technologies you get. Whether as a fixed installation or a mobile plant - allmineral has just the right, individual solution for companies around the world.

Are you planning a project or do you need support for ongoing projects? Let’s work together on creative, individual and customized solutions for your success. We look forward to your inquiry!