The allflot flotation technology: selective froth flotation using self-aerating cells

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Efficiency and accuracy, fast results and high-quality products must come together for the success of the production plant. This is not always easy, but allflot® flotation technology makes it succeed. Do you want to achieve the maximum possible flexibility in your plants and, at the same time, improve your mineral quality?

Our engineers have revamped the allflot® machine. Thanks to innovative approaches and our profound technical knowledge, based on years of experience within the industry, we implement our high level of requirements regarding the further development of our technology. With an optimised aeration concept, improved throughput and high flexibility, the unique allflot® offers you everything you need for optimised production.

Learn more about our highly efficient flotation technology with unique selling point: We will give you a closer look at the allflot® flotation technology in the following blog.

Flotation: History of a sophisticated separation process of ultra-fine particles

We have known a sophisticated range of methods to enrich coal, ore and other raw materials from rock fragments and minerals since a long ago. We use flotation to separate fine-grained solids, such as ore from gangue in a suspension. For this purpose, we use the different surface wettability characteristics of the particles contained in the suspension. For minerals, the process uses flotation reagents to separate metals, ores and other mineral resources from unwanted solids.

The foundation stone for pneumatic flotation was laid in 1974 by Professor Bahr from Clausthal-Zellerfeld. In the years that followed, he was the driving force behind research into flotation cells, initially for coal flotation. Water and suspension were introduced into a flotation chamber, which supplied air via nozzles.

Today, selective separation of this kind has come a long way: The flotation cells take on the demanding task and separate ultra-fine particles in combination with round cells, flotation reagents are used with maximum efficiency, and technical progress optimises the processing to the current level that we can offer with the allflot®.

The focus of attention is no longer only on pure recovery: Increasing more number of cost-efficient and material-saving technologies must be taken into account as well. Durable, water- and energy-saving methods are particularly close to the hearts of the allmineral experts in their constant research work.

How does the treatment in the flotation plants work?

Particles and air bubbles coagulate in the allflot® plant within a very small area in the self-priming aeration device. Ultra-fine particles are attracted by the high shear force and form a bubble in an autogenous way. This reaches the optimum size with the perfect angle of adhesion and rises upwards in the tank without any kinetic force effect. The upstream against gravity is improved by generated upstream velocity. allflot® is superior to conventional systems with agitator flotation cells: these only succeed in lower enrichment efficiency.

In the cleaning and tailings flotation departments of polymetallic ore, coal and salt flotation, the innovative flotation plant has a clear advantage over conventional agitator flotation cells.

Optimised mineral separation: Extracting industrial minerals with flotation reagents

The unique flotation technology of the allmineral experts is suitable for use in various fields: Efficient results are achieved with pneumatic flotation for

  • Potash salt
  • Phosphate
  • Coal
  • Lead
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Platinum minerals
  • Gold
  • Iron ore

The allflot® works with maximum efficiency, but we also always keep an eye on the costs of the plant. We use another exclusive feature of our machine, the vertical flow of the feed slurry to optimise the process. Thanks to this form of flow, large throughput quantities can be processed in a relatively small installation area. The allflot® also does not require any rotating components, such as agitators, so that abrasion of minerals and other abrasive substances is drastically reduced. This lowers operating costs and thus also increases the cost efficiency of the plant.

The feed material passes through the pumps by means of regulated flow. In this way, we prevent any kind of deposits that can otherwise always occur in column flotation due to varying feed conditions.

Flexibility meets efficiency and sustainability: the advantages of flotation summarized

The success of our customers working worldwide is always our success as well. With all our experience, accumulated knowledge, passion for innovation and progress, we are at your side anytime, anywhere.

Whether polymetallic ore flotation, coal or platinum minerals: The optimised flotation process puts you ahead within the industry. With breakthrough advances compared to mechanical agitator flotation, the allflot® puts you on course for victory, both technically and economically.

The advantages of the flotation system for your operations such as:

  • Unique flexibility thanks to a new, improved aeration concept
  • 30% lower power consumption compared to mechanical agitator flotation
  • Processing is possible even at very low solids concentrations
  • Less space required due to higher concentration of the froth product: small installation area and reduced drainage system compared to mechanical agitator flotation systems

Get to know the allflot® flotation circuit: accept the invitation of our advisors

Are you planning a new plant for ores, minerals or coal flotation, would you like to improve existing processing plants and are interested in pneumatic flotation for these reasons? Do you need support in the operation or maintenance of already installed plants? Contact us at any time. For all our friends and customers in the mining industry and mineral processing, we are happy to offer advice and support. Contact us at markworthallmineralcom, and find out how you too can take advantage of the exclusive allmineral process.

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