Efficient processing from allmineral secures major upgrade in quality of Kazakh iron ore

Customer Projects 

As part of its drive to modernise and expand iron ore processing in Atasu, Kazakhstan, one of the largest steel producers has invested in the leading technology and proven expertise of allmineral.

The German mining specialist was commissioned to undertake the design, installation and configuration of a new overall system. At the centre of this process are two high-performance alljig® jiggers, which ensure efficient simultaneous processing of all grain sizes in the feedstock. The mine operator Orken LLP expects that this entirely rebuilt plant will raise annual capacity from 1.2 million to 1.7 million tons and significantly improve product quality by increasing the Fe content from 40.6% to 55%.

Originally produced in Russia and featuring conventional jiggers, the existing processing plant was no longer capable of simultaneously processing the entire grain spectrum of the iron ore being produced. The plant had to be adjusted to handle the separation, enrichment and cleaning of the fine (< 10 mm) and coarse (10-60 mm) feedstock respectively. Given the need to move on from outdated technology and inefficient workflows, this major steel producer opted to invest in the expansion and modernisation of the existing processing plant.

Having triumphed over a number of prominent competitors in the public tender process thanks to its patented jigger technology and extensive plant planning expertise, allmineral assumed responsibility for the planning, design, technology, construction, testing and on-site commissioning.

This steel producer is one of the biggest in Kazakhstan’s steel and mining industry: the integrated steelworks located in Temirtau, around 20 kilometres from the iron ore mine, have an annual capacity amounting to four million tons of raw steel.

The redesigned system from allmineral generates additional capacity for high-precision classification and discharge of the iron ore that is produced. At the heart of the new system are two high-performance alljig® jiggers. While the first alljig®-GR – featuring three chambers and a throughput of 200 t/h – is used to process grain sizes from 0 to 10 mm, the second three-chamber alljig®-GR boasts a throughput of 300 t/h and is used to process grain sizes from 10 to 60 mm.

In the patented alljig® process, the feed material is first loosened with pulsed water in order to layer the grains according to their density. The jiggers then specifically separate the lighter stock from the heavier ore in the layered material bed.