A quick look at pumice - Processing mineral resources by dry jig technology

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Use of ecological construction materials is on the increase Pumice is use to make light, weather-resistant and flexible bricks. It is an igneous rock consisting of volcanic silicate minerals that fulfils the ideal specifications for “modern construction”. We support companies across the globe, helping with quarrying and processing. With our revolutionary drying process, we are turning the market on its head. Our team can accompany you from the first day onwards until the last production date: Being a competent service-orientated partner we can provide you with technical expertise, no matter where in the world you produce this valuable aluminium silicate.

Pumice: A naturally occurring raw material with an explosive past

Explosive volcanic eruptions have been occurring globally for billions of years. When gas-filled lava rapidly cools it forms an aluminium silicate of low density and high porosity. Over the course of time, pumice has been given many names: Due to its foam-like nature it has been given in Germany the more artistic name “sea foam”.

Its specific properties make pumice an ideal construction material for light-weight bricks.  In the form of a building block the material is extremely durable and weather-resistant. Neither frost nor moisture can do it much damage. Pumice, as a construction material, has advantages thanks to its elasticity in stormy or earthquake prone regions. 

Today, China leads in the extraction of this volcanic rock also Turkey and Italy belong to the top suppliers of  pumice. Deposits in South Korea, Greece and Chile as well as Iran and Syria are also utilised. One of the most curious and interesting pumice deposits is located in Australia; where, off the Tonga island of Vava’u, there is a floating island of pumice, which was formed by the eruption of an undersea volcano.

The allmineral processing technology sorts mineral raw materials and processes them using the dry jig

Compared with other raw materials, this porous volcanic rock is very easy to quarry. Pumice deposits are mostly found just below the surface. There is little overburden and simple geological formations. Which makes extraction using an excavator possible and there is no need for explosives. Also, old pumice quarries can be efficiently and simply recultivated because the material does not contain any substances hazardous to nature. 

High quality pumice has, compared with impure, relatively heavy minerals such as feldspar or various types of quartz, a very low specific weight. That is why it can be easily separated using allmineral separation technology.

Our alljig® processing plants are located in the mining regions all around the world. In Nevşehir, in the mystical cave and fairy chimney landscape of Cappadocia in central Turkey. There are two in-line alljig® Models: The F2500 and F1100 have a capacity of 75 tonnes per hour.

Our team completely designed the plant. The plant’s core being alljig® jigs. They were equipped with steel structures and auxiliary equipment, which were procured locally.

The alljig®-plants work with maximum efficiency by making use of the physical properties of water. Water is a precious commodity, especially in the barren landscape of Cappadocia. So it is all the more important to use it in an environmentally friendly way: Cappadocia was and is the perfect place to use our revolutionary and innovative technology with the air-jig machine. Working together with leading global mining companies, we develop anhydrous technologies for mining industry. In one of the driest regions of Anatolia, we are using the innovative allair® dry jigging technology for sorting and processing pumice. Here, the powerful 4 x 8 MP model produces about 60 cubic metres per hour without even coming into contact with water. The double-deck-jig machine delivers a high-purity, quality product and efficiently separates pumice from basalt, shale or lava. The air jig works with a patented flutter valve, which in only one process step, generates superimposed pulse flows, as well as constant air flow for fluidisation.

Dry processing using allmineral processing technology, sets standards for the future, not only in product quality but also in terms of sustainability and efficiency.

Sustainable dry mineral process start-up – a quick look at the advantages:

We are passionate about developing, planning and constructing plants all over the world that are even more sustainable. 

Your advantages at a glance -the new method is: 

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be designed to suit individual requirements
  • Can be set up as a practical “plug & play” system 
  • Does not need any complex operating licences.

Our service offer accompanies you when planning und constructing and includes operation and regular maintenance during all production steps. 

Our separation experts can be contacted online and are ready to and are ready to guide you individually when solving all kinds of processing problems.

Pumice sorting and processing (dressing) using allair® – our references speak for themselves

Sustainable processing using allair®-plants shows us how we process mineral raw materials for today and in the future. 

Since 2017, we have been working with the plant operators of the local block-pumice quarry in Nevşehir, southwest of Ankara. Here, refined pumice in grain sizes of between five and 50 millimetres is processed for use as a sustainable aggregate. 

This creates fire-resistant lightweight concrete building blocks for ecological building. With the allmineral processing technology, especially the allair®-plants, we set a good example in the region regarding ecological raw material processing. In line with our conviction - that both economy and environment lie equally in our interest, we implement resource-oriented as well as cost-effective measures. 

Remote support and all-round service package: Turn our experience to your advantage

Our Planning, Service and Maintenance are always there for you. Our Remote Support provides technical support that helps keep your productivity going. 

You can rely on this service even and especially in Covid times. We provide worldwide support to our customers all across the world: With support, planning, advice and training we continue with proven projects and implement new ideas. True to our motto: Satisfied customers - satisfied allmineral - especially in turbulent times such as these.

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